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Fasteners, screws, and hardware are essential components in any construction or DIY project, High-quality hardware not only guarantees the longevity of your work but also enhances the safety and stability of structures.

At Screwlist, we offer a wide range of premium fasteners and screws, perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Choose the right hardware to make your projects stand the test of time. Shop now for the best in fasteners and screws.

Common Screw Types

Screw Spirit, Green Action!

Phillips Flat Head / Self-Drilling Screws / Stainless Steel

Flat Head
Self-drilling Screws

Stainless Steel 410 hex washer head self drilling screws-1

Hex Washer Head
Self-drilling Screws

Stainless Steel Pan Head Self Drilling Screws-1

Pan Head
Self-drilling Screws

flat head self tapping screw

Flat Head
Self-tapping Screws

Flanged Hex Head Bolt Stainless Steel-1

Hex Head Bolt

Flat Head Machine Screws Stainless Steel-1

Flat Head
Machine Screws

Truss Head Machine Screws Stainless Steel-1

Truss Head
Machine Screws

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws Stainless Steel-1

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

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Join us in tightening the screws of environmental protection and constructing a greener future.

Screwlist is a website that merges the idea of screws with environmental protection. We believe that even the smallest actions can make a big difference.

Screw Spirit,

Green Action!

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15 years of specialization in the production of all types of screws and nuts fasteners

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Quality management system certification for greater quality assurance.

Complete Equipment

Imported multi-station punching machine, and thread rolling machine with more than 100 sets

Assortment of Selections

We offer a wide range of high quality fasteners and screws, non-standard parts can be customized.

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Bulk goods are typically transported by sea at a lower cost.

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If you are in a hurry, we can also send an extra cost to you by air.

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"We have a 3rd-party quality control process to ensure high-quality standards."


Our materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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We are able to accommodate any OEM customization requests.

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